...The Knowledge Book


Dear friends,
Our Planet, which has lost a lot of its qualities in the material, spiritual and the natural aspects is being restored again. Events that have been experienced and will be experienced will unify humanity in a Totality by making it attain the Consciousness of Truth. In the Period we live in, there are a several Spiritual Focal Points rendered effective, by human beings awakened through the Cosmic Influences given from the 10th Dimension at the begining and especially at the second half of the 20th century as the Missionary Staff. And everyone has applied and is applying either Consciously or Unconsciously the influences they have recieved.
In this Last Age, Focal Points acting towards the same aim and Idea have lived a period of preparation until today. However, now it is thus time to Unite hand in hand by helping each other, and time to Serve the SINGLE. For this reason, our World will gain a lot if everyone can Unite under the light of the work they are doing.
The tale of Golden Age is an investment made to the centuries. Actually every reformist Order is a Golden Age. However, this 26.000 year-long final cycle transition program has a preparation program more different than the other periods. This preparation program has come until today in a systematic way. First, Celestial Suggestions conveyed by Sacred Books, have Unified our planet in the Consciousness of SINGLE GOD by gathering humanity together in a Totality of Truth. During the process of time, the entire truth and Celestial announcements have shed light to the human beings in our planet until today.
In this special Age which we evaluate as a mediamic age, the truth is being exhibited in the direction of the Consciousness that has been gained. All the efforts done and calls for Unification are the phenomenon belonging to our planet only. The System of this Final Age is the Unification of the Universal Totality with the Ordinances of Cosmoses in a Whole, hence this coming age is called the Golden Age.
The Golden Age will shed light to us in the morrows in the direction of SINGLE GOD - SINGLE ORDER - SINGLE SYSTEM and SINGLE BOOK and is the heralder of a medium in which happy people will live in the Totality of a brotherly/sisterly World Totality. However, there are many Thresholds that our Planet will transcend until the yearned for Golden Age is arrived at. 3 Cosmic Ages have been recognised for this preparation period of the Golden Age. ( One Cosmic Age comprises one century )
Our Planet which has been taken into an accelerated Evolution Program since the year 1900 is completing its first Cosmic Age in the year 2000 . This is the Twentieth Century. The Second Cosmic Age comprises 21st Century and the Third Cosmic Age includes the 22nd Century.
The Beginning date of the yearned for and the desired Golden Age which we have mentioned above, will start from the 23rd Century and will include a Period of 7 Centuries. If we name the preparation programs one by one, we'll now reach the realization that Golden Age will not be reached so easily.
There are ( 5 ) Scales in the Preparatory Program of the Golden Age. Each Scale comprises an Age. If we write this in sequence :
    • This is a Preparation Age which comprises the Period of Sacred Books.
    • The Awakening Age : This is the Dimension of Transition we live in and the Period called the RESURRECTION which has been declared to us until today. Our Planet is in this chaos right now.
    • The New Age : In here, we will go beyond the Periods which we have been habituated and thus, the Period of Attaining the Unknown - Working - Research - Realization will become effective. Two Cosmic Ages will experience this Period.
    • The Golden Age : Comprises the life of a period of 7 Centuries. During this period, direct Realization of Universal Awareness and Unification will be rendered in accordance with Unity and Totality and thus the presence of a Mechanism - System - Godly Order - Reality not yet understood in our Planet but which we try to introduce will be witnessed and will open wings towards the Unknowns, Consciously.
    • The Age of Light : This Age which will begin after the Golden Age is called the Age of Light . This is an age becoming effective after the 30th Century, here directly the Order of Allah is in effect.

Humanity being prepared on this path hence will be the Essence Staff Member of this System. Now, we call this Universal Light Path, Golden Age . In the medium we live at this moment, the final preparation periods of the beautiful days of the Morrows has been entered in an accelerated way.
Now we all know that the Ages we will experience will be very different from the Ages we had experienced. However this difference and change is causing a lot of pain at every section of our planet and people are also changing with the changing times. Humanity which is going through a chaos of consciousness is making preparations for the Golden Age of the Morrows.
This is a transition period. In this period, there are many Focal Points and Associations being established all around our planet with the aim of accelerating the process of attaining Awareness, Awakening and Purifying in a massive way of the humane Totalities and to prepare the mankind for the Golden Age. We, as The World Brotherhood Union Universal Unification Center, are a school that has been serving in this Universal Path for 30 years.
We have a Book called The Knowledge Book . We explain this Book to the society as fascicules in our seminars. It is the Duty of our Mission to tell and introduce these Universal Programs to the entire World dimension. Establishing our Association and Foundation on the World officially was rendered effective in 1993. However, we have been in contact with the entire World for 30 years. And the entire World has been expecting this Knowledge Book since the year 1950.
Now we want to give more detailed and explanative information about some of the characteristics of The Knowledge Book . The KNOWLEDGE BOOK was started to be dictated in the year 1.11.1981 by the Reality of Unified Humanity Cosmos Federal Assembly to the Anatolian Turkey through the Alpha Channel.
However, The Knowledge Book was not disclosed to Humanity for 3 years since the Society was not ready yet. In the year 1984, Spiritual Focal Points were established in the entire World on the path of Unity and Reality and we received the command to disclose and to introduce the Book to society. Now we are serving Humanity as an association and a Foundation. The Knowledge Book was completed in 12 years, compiled as a Book now, and also translated into English.
Central Union of Suns - Universal Ordinance Council - United Ordinance Council are Universal Staff Members working together as a trinity. This is called the Dimension of the All-Merciful that is the System. To this dimension, the Alpha Channel which is the direct Reflection Mechanism of Allah is connected. And all the Sacred Books given to our Planet until today that is (The Old Testament-Psalms of David-The New Testament-Koran) were revealed from this Channel.
These Books are Sacred Books which are Educating, Training, Bringing about Consciousness and Integration. Although the Knowledge Book was dictated from the same Channel, it is not a Book to be worshipped. It is a Book disclosing all the Secrets and Facts and explaining to Humanity the reason of the paths trodden until today. The Knowledge Book is also a Book of Truth and UNITY converging in itself, the Frequencies of all the known Sacred Books until today.
This Book was dictated by a Technique called the ( Light-Photon-Cyclone ) Technique which Our Planet does not know yet. According to this technique Time Energy is loaded on the Letter Frequencies. For this reason, you understand the Book when you read it, and receive some Knowledge according to your level. Then it is effaced from the memory. Only the rough knowledge remains. You can memorize the other Sacred Books. However, you cannot memorize even a page of this Book. Because it is linked with the time energy, the knowledge slips from the memory. This is a Special technique.
We have been told that this Book will be valid for 19 Centuries and that it was dictated by being introduced as the Single Book of the Morrows. The Knowledge Book is also called the Cosmic Book of this Last Age. And Different functions of the Book peculiar to itself come into effect as it is read. Those who read this Book are connected to the Central System of the Unified Reality and it provides the opening of your Universal Files in the micro archives.
Reality gets to know the Individuals this way. And trains them one by one according to their needs. And duty allotments are done according to their capacities. For this reason, we were asked to distribute the fascicules to the most distant places.
And for 30 years, different parts of the entire world met the fascicules .If you read the Book continuously, you may deduct at least 10 messages from one page by bringing different interpretations to the information within it, in proportion with the Consciousness you have attained and you observe the Information you could not observe up to that time, during time processes.
It was required that, this Book published by the name Knowledge Book in the year 1996 to be conveyed to friends sharing the same view. And, it is our and our Universal Friends' only wish that we act collectively by integrating with their Information also, and get United. This Book, according to the information given to us, is a Book prepared for Human Consciousnesses. And Everyone gets the answers to all their questions if they read this Book in depth.
If you are a missionary, in case the cipher in your gene program unites with the cipher belonging to you among the millions of hidden ciphers in the Book, the direct connection is established and you make the connection with the System by yourself. First, your opening channel undertakes the duty of training you. Later, you are appointed to your real duty. This is the specialty of the Book .
People who cannot pull the Cosmic Waves directly by their own consciousnesses are being awakened through the Knowledge Book. And, this System is the direct program of the Cosmos. And since 1960, our World has been prepared in this field by the Cosmic Influences given from the 10th dimension and carrying the evolutionary energies. By this way, several unifying Cosmic Focal Points were rendered effective on our Planet. However, now, the time has come to unite.
Another characteristic of the Book is that, the entire Frequencies of the Old Testament, the Psalms of David, the New Testament, the Koran and the Philosophies of the Far East which were revealed to our World until today and which were known as the Sacred Books, have been unified with the Energy of the Focal Point of the Almighty and this has been loaded on all the letters of the Book as a Total of 6 Frequencies. However, as we have said before, this Book is not a Book to be worshipped. It is a Guide Book. For this reason, the Book has been bestowed on our Planet as the Book of the entire Humanity.
The Celestial Authorities also call the Knowledge Book, that is prepared according to the Alpha Entrance Omega Exit Project, the SALVATION Book. Because, only the Frequencies of all the Sacred Books unified in this Book, make you able to absorb the 76th energy which is the total frequency of the OMEGA Channel consisting of 9 Layers.
And every Solar System is obliged to make the Evolution of its dimension. Our Evolution and Exit dimension is SATURN, Passage to Omega is made from here. The 6th dimension, Nirvana is the Immortality Dimension. The 7th dimension is the final Evolution boundary of Humanity and here is Saturn. That is, the Human Consciousness who could reach up to here, claims his/her Spiritual Energy as a Genuine Human Being and attains the right to exit from Omega.
The Knowledge Book is the only Book which will habituate you gradually to the Frequencies of these Universal Dimensions and thus will provide you to be able to enter these Dimensions easily. We know that during this final Transition Program, 3 Cosmic Ages have been recognized for Our Planet for the Salvation of Humanity.
The 21st and 22nd Centuries will be different test years of Our world. In the 23rd Century, the genuine Foundation of the desired GOLDEN AGE will be laid. The Golden Age will be established until the 30th Century and after that date the Reality of Unified Humanity will leave the platform by Completing its Mission. The Knowledge Book is the direct BOOK of the LORD. For this reason, it had been dictated through the Channel of ALPHA.
The REALITY OF UNIFIED HUMANITY will transfer the Knowledge Book to its ( Genuine Source) that is, to the LORDLY Order in the 30th Century. And the Lordly Order also will use this Book for 9 more Centuries for the reason of attracting the Time Energy. After this Period, the period of Books will come to an end and the Book will be taken into the archive. After this, other different Technologies will come into effect.
Here, we have explained to you a Brief History of the Knowledge Book. However, this Book also has Operational Ordinances peculiar to itself since the time it has been revealed from its source. Now we want to mention the ALPHA Channel, a little bit :

    • ALPHA Channel is the Direct Channel of the Lord, that is, it is ALLAH's Channel. And this is a Constant unchanging Channel. However, this channel is shifting to the North because  of our World turning on its 23 degree axis. Today, the project of awakening of our Planet by Cosmic Influences is the last application of a program of 6000 years.
    • The First 2000 years is the period before MOSES. In this period, Evolution currents were given by the Cosmic Influences to our entire planet, just like today. Those who absorbed these currents were registered one by one, in their second incarnations (because of the close plan reflection program of a human being to a human being) they have been embodied all together in the Far East. With this program, our Planet met the GODLY Energy directly for the first time. This program covers the period of first 2000 years and this is called the First order of Allah.
    • MOSES' program is called the Second Order of ALLAH. In that Period, since the vertical projection of ALPHA Channel was reflecting on the Pyramids in Egypt and on the Nile, MOSES was embodied in Egypt. MOSES according to his duty, gave the direct Reality Knowledge as the Kabbalah Knowledge in the Old Testament. This second 2000 year long program lasted until the period of Jesus.
    • As it is known, for the Consciousness who will Evolve, the first step to transcend is Love and then Knowledge. For this reason, JESUS by taking the program of Love, united the Human Beings under the Single GOD Consciousness. The New testament, for this reason, carries the Love frequency. Later, MOHAMMED had formed the World living system by giving Knowledge through Koran . In that period, the ALPHA Channel shifting north, being on Jerusalem, Mecca and Medinah, the program of JESUS and MOHAMMED came into effect as the Third Order of ALLAH . With the Period of MOHAMMED, the period of the Sacred Books and Prophethood came to an end. After this, Humanity was left alone with their Books for 1500 years and grasping of the Truth was expected.
    • Now in the year 2000, the program of 6000 years finishes and everything is told with all clarity to human beings. At this moment, because ALPHA Channel is on ANATOLIAN TURKEY, the KNOWLEDGE BOOK was taken into effect from Turkey. And thus, by telling everything very openly to Humanity through the KNOWLEDGE BOOK, the Foundation of World State is being laid. And this Order is called the Fourth Order of ALLAH. Let us repeat again, The Knowledge Book prepared according to the ALPHA entrance Omega exit project is also called the Book of Salvation. However, it is never a Sacred Book of Religion to be Worshipped. It is a Guide Book.
    • To Humanity who is Depressed in the intense program of this last age, the Knowledge Book explains the reason for their depression and pulls them to a logical Thought and relieves them. We have explained you everything since our work is on this path. This is a Unification Program.

In this preparation program of the Golden Age, cooperation is being rendered with friends who can see the Lights which have been shed on humanity hand in hand, with Totality of Heart and Peace. The investments made to the Golden Age until today are now giving its sprouts. Our World preparing for the medium of Salvation is going through its test on its own. This is a Program . The Golden Age which is desired to be established with Understanding , Love , Tolerance , Reasonable Conscience and Beauties, in the future years will bring our Planet the Morrows which are without Wars, Flowery and Happy.
Setting out from this view, to form a world ring together, hand in hand on the Path of Light is our Greatest wish. Until we meet on the path of Light, all our Love is for you.

V. Bülent Çorak  

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... ALPHA entrance – OMEGA exit programme


3rd evolutionary (frequency) dimension corresponds to 12th energy intensity or energy dimension
9th evolutionary dimension corresponds to 36th energy dimension (New Testament)
18th evolutionary dimension corresponds to 72nd energy dimension (Koran)
19th evolutionary dimension (Omega) corresponds to 76th energy dimension (The Knowledge Book)

The Human Being on our planet starts its evolution at 3rd Evolutionary dimension which is symbolically called the Entrance through ALPHA gate, because of the initial education done through Alpha energies of Religious dimension.
If successfully passes all exams in the life school on Earth, and manages to attract and to assimilate Beta energies coming from OMEGA, developing its own personality accordingly, a Human Being can get permission to Exit through OMEGA gate.
Thus the evolution on Earth is the application of the ALPHA entranceOMEGA exit program.
The Knowledge Book is designed to most successfully facilitate our evolvement on this path so that we could become genuine Human Beings (7th evolutionary dimension) by carrying out necessary evolutionary steps.
However, unless one completes the evolution through alpha energies (Religious program – HORIZONTAL evolution) and saturates itself with the energy of 18th Evolutionary dimension, one cannot enter the VERTICAL evolution through Beta Universal energy of 19th Evolutionary dimension - Omega.

The Knowledge Book is the only OMEGA book on Earth prepared with the all 9 energy layers of OMEGA dimension. Being a direct book of the Lord, it is also a book of endless dimensions and can convey to us energy beyond Omega.

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... Light-Photon-Cyclone Technique


Our Friends,
Information given by the Land of Yunuses as the Suggestions of the Divine Plans carry the same Frequency Charge (They are not variable). These places are called the Land of Angels.

This place is the SPIRITUAL SECTION of the Divine Realm. This Dimension known as the Grand Tent of Yunuses, the Congregation of Mevlana is also called the Land of The Loving Ones.

The Knowledge Book is dictated directly by the LORDLY Section of the Divine Realm and is conveyed to Your Planet through the Channel of Alpha (The Information Frequencies here are variable in accordance with Consciousnesses).
Both of these Totalities connected to the Technological Dimension, constitute the Hierarchical Totality (Connected to the Reality Totality). The Unified Reality Universal Totality carries the entire Obligation of the GÜRZ Dimension in connection with the ALL-MERCIFUL.

The Knowledge Book is a Book dictated through the Channel of Alpha by the UNITED TOTALITY OF THE LORD. And all the Functions of the Book have been prepared in accordance with this Period of Transition.

In this Book dictated by the Light - Photon - Cyclone Technique, the Frequencies of the Letters have a Special Supervision peculiar to themselves. This Book possesses a Technique which is able to converge in itself the entire Energy of the Time Segment in which it happens to be present at that moment, no matter in which Century it is read.

This Book converging in Itself the Time Energy in which It happens to be present, locks this Energy in Itself and thus, shuts Its Doors against the Energies of more advanced Time Segments.

During this Final Transition Dimension, the Knowledge Book gives Frequencies up to the 76th Dimension of OMEGA which is the Final Dimensional Frequency Your Planet is able to receive, and diminishes the Frequencies beyond that and thus, prevents the agitation of Consciousnesses.

There are many more Functions of the Characteristic of the Book. However, only those that may concern You, are mentioned. Some of these Functions are as follows:

Operations rendered by this Light - Photon - Cyclone Technique Your Planet does not know yet, have the Power of mutating even the GENE Ciphers of the (Entire Creation). By this means, Messages with different interpretations are given to You (Including the forms of clouds).

In Later Centuries, when the Energy of Time the Book has converged in Itself Unites with the Consciousness of Advanced Times, the same lines of the Book will convey to You a very different Information.

Letters will not change, sentences will not change, but the Book will convey to You the Information needed by the Time Segment in question, through the Frequency Projection Focii of the same lines. This is the reason why it is said (Everyone receives Information in proportion with the Consciousness he/she has attained).

This is why the Knowledge Book is, at the moment, a GUIDE Book. It will be the ENLIGHTENMENT Book of the Morrows. And It will be a FUNDAMENTAL Book in even later Centuries.

This KNOWLEDGE BOOK which is a key for the Consciousnesses charged with Mission, will be transferred to the DIRECT ORDER OF ALLAH by the Reality after rendering a service of Ten Centuries for Your Planet and thus, will offer Its different Functions for service.

The Knowledge Book has various different Names in accordance with various Realities.








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... Alpha Channel of the Lord


Religions are the Means and the Divine Power is the Goal. The Mission performed now is a Universal Mission. The KNOWLEDGE BOOK, in fact, is dictated directly through the Channel of the LORD and the Program of the Golden Age is applied on Your Planet through this Book.

The Living Entities who Come into Existence in Human form are the Genuine Servants of the LORD. They are the Essence-Living Entities who can wear the crown of Immortality beyond the Supreme Times. The Terrestrial Body Comes into Existence by the Unification of the SPIRITUAL and the LORDLY Energies.

Exams are present only in the World. And this is imperative so that You may be taken into the very Advanced Dimensions by being Purified. This Message has been dictated as an answer to the chains of Thought.


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... to Vedia Bülent Önsü Çorak (Mevlana)

Dear Mevlana,     

At the end of the Book, it is the Wish of the Universal Totality that You please write an article comprising Your Thoughts concerning the Knowledge Book and Your personal Thoughts into the Book together with Your Name belonging to Your Terrestrial Body You live in at the moment and Your Private Signature, Our Friend. The acceptance of Our Love is Our kind Request.




My Friends,    
Such a System has been established in accordance with the Ordinance of Existence that Living or Non-Living the entire Creation has to set out for Evolution.    

Through Changing Times, one goes to such Unchanging Times that neither Your Intellect, nor Your Logic are enough to understand the phenomena there. You come to such a place that there, from then on, Logic stops, Thoughts speak.    

Then You comprehend that You are the Traveller of a Path of no Return.    

You can Never Avoid this System. Because, the Variable Waves You receive beyond the Changing Times will interminably prepare all Your Bodily Cells for the Infinite Consciousness and beyond it.    

The most Beautiful thing You should do to understand that You live in this Natural Ordinance is to LOVE. Because, You come into Existence by Love - You Blaze with Love - You make Your Evolution by Love - You Reach (O) with Love. This is the Initial Plan of the established Evolutionary Ordinance. The initial setting out is the Path of Love.                             

Then, You come across to such Orders and such Ordinances on the paths You tread that for a moment the Thought to remain as a Veiled Consciousness and Not to Know - Not to See - Not to Understand anything seems very attractive to You.    

These paths are very complicated paths. However, this is the Single Path which will lead You to Light. Every Living Entity is doomed to go through these Paths sooner or later, whether he/she wishes it or not, whether he/she comes to his/her World Once or a Thousand times.     

Now, We are getting ready Altogether for New Horizons, having gone through the times up to this period.     

The Only Branch We hold on to in the World Dimension We live at the moment, is Our Consciousness - the System which brought Us into Existence and ALLAH Who is its Peak Point.    

Now, ALLAH is establishing His System anew, together with His Totalities He has formed up until today. Time will prove Us everything.    

In order for You to be taken into Salvation in this Transition Medium, it is necessary for You to be able to transmit Your Brain Energy beyond Times and even to Unknown Times in which You presume there is nothing.    

Because, during this Period, it is imperative that Your Brain Power should attain more Power by the Potential it spends by attracting Unknown Information from Unknown Horizons.                             

The KNOWLEDGE BOOK which carries a characteristic of disclosing the Unknowns of the Supreme Realm is full of all the Universal Secrets.    

An Intercontinental Commission will be the forerunner for the Scientific Proof of this Book which will also create great echoes during the Future Life Periods of Your Planet.     

The reason why an Operational Order parallel to the Laws of the 18 Systems, in accordance with the Systems - Ordinances and Orders is projected on Your Planet, is for Proving that You Are Not alone in the Universe.    

Humanity which has embraced the Unknowns by the Unification of the Frequencies of the Religious Doctrines with the instinctive Intuitional Totality, have now been exalted towards a Consciousness which is able to be aware of the Secrets of the Universes.    

One day Humanity will understand quite well the Reflections behind the Unknowns of the tableaux which have occurred by themselves of the Natural formation and of the Universal Totalities and will attain the Consciousness that neither Chemical, nor Physical formations of anything have occurred by themselves.    

And Humanity will one day comprehend, sooner or later, that everything had originated from a phenomenon of METAMORPHOSIS.                 
Since Humanity which does not Know the Unknowns under the Light of the given Information will be inclined to refuse, very naturally, the things they do not Know, various Information will always be conveyed to You by the help of Cosmic Channels, so that these delusions will not occur.     

However, the KNOWLEDGE BOOK will always remain to be the SINGLE Source for Humanity. Because, this first Book of Truth disclosing the Truth in all clarity to the Mediums which do not know the Unknowns, is a Gift the Skies offer for Humanity which has attained the Totality of Consciousness.    

This Information conveyed to You way beyond Beliefs from the Unknown boundaries of the Unknowns by the reflection System will one day unveil all the way the Curtain of the Truth for Humanity.     

However, the unveiling of this Curtain will only be possible by the Human Consciousnesses’ Proving everything on the framework of Scientific View. I love the entire Humanity and You very much.


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... Cosmic Consciousness


Our Friends,

Now, Information about the Groups will be given to You. Each Focal Point has a Magnetic Aura. The Cosmic Information reflects on these Magnetic Auras as Energy Particles.

These Information projected on Your Entire Planet are all equivalent Information. However, people, being unaware of this, make different interpretations and project the old Information on them without being aware of it.

This is the very factor which separates the Mediums and the People from each other. During this Period of Sincerity, each person is sent to the Focal Points which will help him/her in proportion with his/her Purification, Progress and Conditioning.

Each Focal Point is a Center of Cosmic Reflection. However, each person is not the possessor of Cosmic Awareness, Cosmic Consciousness. Your Planet is showered by Cosmic rains for Centuries. But the speciality of this Period is different.

Entities who are bestowed on Your Planet as Veiled Awarenesses may attain Cosmic Consciousness only after they attain Cosmic Awareness. One first attains Universal Awareness, Universal Consciousness and later attains Cosmic Awareness, Cosmic Consciousness.

Cosmic Awareness is attained by the Religious Teachings given to You directly in connection to the ALPHA Dimension. These are Your Sacred Books. These Books prepare You for the morrows. And these Sacred Books have helped You until this Medium of Resurrection which We call the Period of Sincerity.

The Book of Islam had been revealed as a book of ALPHA-BETA. The New Testament is ALPHA only. The Book of Islam which is called The KORAN had been prepared in the 18th Dimension and had been revealed to Your Planet which is in the third Dimension through the 9th Dimension through which the NEW TESTAMENT had been revealed. Because, the Public Consciousness had been habituated to the Vibrations of only that Frequency until that Period.

With the Last Book and the Last Prophet, all the Religions have come to an end. However, Your Planet, during its final time period of 15 Centuries allotted to You, have been cleansed and Purified by the purifying waves of the 9th Dimension by the help and the Frequency of those who have read these Sacred Books and, by this means, You have been taken into the protection of the LORD.

Now, the situation is quite different. Since it has been felt necessary to make a transition from Cosmic Awareness to Cosmic Consciousness in accordance with the program of Progress and the accelerated Evolutionary Ordinance, Your Planet has been taken into a different Evolutionary Ordinance since the World year 1900 and has been exposed to different Cosmic Currents in order to sprout the seeds in the Essence.

By this means, the gradual transition from Cosmic Awareness to Cosmic Consciousness is being made more speedily. Meanwhile, the Awakened Consciousnesses have been canalized by the Plan, and the Frequencies of the assisting Divine Plan Messengers have been connected to them in accordance with their own Frequencies. And, by this means, the Mediamic Medium has been started in Your Planet.

Your Planet has been divided into different periods in accordance with a Hundred-Year Ordinance of Purification and Accelerated Evolution. The first half of the Twentieth Century was a Preparatory Program. During the first quarter of its second half, the Truths have begun to be gradually explained to the Awakened Consciousnesses. And the Final Period has been decided as the Period of Performance.

By this means, different Missions and Information have been given to each Awakened Consciousness in accordance with his/her Capacity and Frequency Power. And, by this means, Cosmic Focal Points have begun to be established in Your Planet. Now, We are together with You. And We are obliged to explain to You more and more clearly, due to the Scarcity of Time, all the matters which have remained secret until today. Your Efforts are Your rewards.


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... Godly Essence


Our Friends,

Until today, the Human Being has searched in other places for his/her God who is Present in him/her. Now, Mankind who has attained Universal Consciousness has met its God, that is, its own Essence in proportion with its Evolvement.

Why are there Religious Integrations during this Period? Why the God’s name is recited always, even in the most evolved Societies? Because, this is a Period of Awakening. Human Being’s finding his/her own self means his/her attaining the Essence of God.

This Human Being who can attain the Genuine Human Consciousness will never again have Malevolent Thoughts, will never Do any Wickedness, he/she will be Purified more and more and will become a Divine Light of God.

Denying Religions and God is a Thought which frightens the Human Being. Because You have been conditioned by different conditions since the time of Existence until today. In fact, to deny Your God means to deny Your own selves.

Until today, Your Sacred Books have Enlightened You in the best of ways. But do not forget that even if the Human Brain seems to be on the same Level, in the same constitution and, even if it is washed by the same Vibrations, still, its Awakening and Evolvement is the Result of the Essence of the Human Beings.

That is why We say, “God created the Human Being, the Human Being created himself/herself.” The Inequality between Human Beings originates from this fact. The Evolvement Field of a Human Being is exalted, expands and reaches a peak in proportion with his/her Perceptions.

Since You assume that this form of exaltation depends on other reasons, Your Pride, Your Fears, Your Doubts and Your Fanaticism have diverted You away from the Principal and have created Mediums of Taboo. Bigotry is nothing but the subjugation of the Human Being by the Human Being.

During this Period, Your primary Duty is to recognize Yourselves, to know Yourselves. You are a God, You are an Awareness of Universe and a Consciousness. Everything is Concealed in You. During this Period, Mankind is becoming the first spark ITS LORD had created. And this Human Being who will sit on the throne of Consciousness way beyond Religions will, one day, be the Sovereign of the entire Universe.


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...Awareness of the Ordinance


Our Friends,

The Final Evolution expected of You at the moment, is not the Evolution of the World. The Evolution You have rendered before and will render is the Evolution of the System and of the Awareness of the Ordinance. To achieve this, each of Your Bodily Cells should be equivalent to the Evolution of Your Essence-Consciousness and this is a Must.

The Terrestrial Evolution is the Evolution of Unification of the Consciousness of Thought and the Bodily Energy. But the Evolution of the Awareness of the System of the Ordinance is the Evolution of Unification of Your Essence-Consciousnesses with Your Cell-Essence. Here, the Essence Nuclei Unify. In the other one, Essence-Energies Unify. It is presented for Your Information.


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...gaining the Knowledge


Our Friends,

To know and to learn a thing is surely very nice. However, the Sea of Knowledge is Infinite. You are obliged to drink only what You need out of its water. Hunger increases as one receives Information. We Realize this. Because, each Information opens the door of another Information.

By this means, You dive into the Sea of Knowledge, forming a chain of Information. That sea drowns You if You dive more into it. We do not want to drown You but try to widen Your Universal Views by giving just the sufficient amount of Information.

At the moment, each individual in Your Planet is, one by one, coded into the System like telephone wires. We instantly receive the Thought Signals coming from You and to satisfy You We give You answers by numerous Proofs through various channels and different ways.

Our Purpose is to release You from doubts by this means. However, We also know that no matter how much Information You receive, You will never be satisfied. For this reason Allegiance Consciousness is the surest way of saving You from Negative Thoughts.

In this System surplus Information creates not satiety but hunger. But in the System of Your Planet, since each received Information is organized in accordance with Your Levels of Consciousness, it creates satisfaction and satiety in You.    
For this reason We have been giving only the Information as chains of Thought parallel to the World Capacity and the Perception Power. The reason why many of Your questions are not answered is because their answers can not be opened yet to the Public Consciousness.

At the moment, in accordance with the operational System, We are trying to give the answers of the Universal Information in the Knowledge Book as much as possible. By this means, We are giving answers to the Thought signals We receive from Your entire Planet.

If You have not read the Information given formerly in the Book, You will not understand anything from the answer to a particular question. However, when You read the Knowledge Book comprehendingly, You will find the Essence and the Answers of the Information given to the entire World Planet.

For this reason You are told to read it again and again. At the moment, Public Consciousnesses are given priority, so that Information will not be restricted to a certain section. If You wish to receive more advanced Information, then bring the Level of Your Society to the state where they can grasp the KNOWLEDGE BOOK.

Only afterwards, the desired Information may be given to You. Because, the Public Consciousnesses attract this Information in accordance with their Cosmic Powers. For this reason We tell You to spread over to the remotest places. It is presented for Your Information.


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... Golden Age


Our Friends,
The Golden Age is a Program to be rendered effective in the desired Level in the 23rd Century. Your Planet is obliged to go through two more Cosmic Ages until it arrives at this Period. Because, it is not easy at all for Consciousnesses who have become deeply-rooted until today to break their chains and to grasp the Truth.
For this reason Your Planet still needs time. The first thing required of Humanity which will lay the foundations of the World State to be created by a Brotherly/Sisterly World Totality is the Unification of Consciousnesses who have been divided by Religious discriminations.
Since the Consciousness - Love - Himself of (THAT SUPREME ONE) Whom You evaluate as ALLAH is Single, then His Sacred Books which are (His Words) are also Single.
In future years, all these Suggestions will be offered to Humanity as a SINGLE Book. Now, since the Period of Sacred Texts have come to an end, from now on, all the Truths will be projected on Humanity through Science and Learning.
The Golden Age will be, during the Morrows, the Heralder of a Medium in which Happy People will live in a Brotherly/Sisterly World Totality and which will shed Light on You in accordance with the SINGLE GOD - SINGLE ORDER - SINGLE SYSTEM - SINGLE BOOK.
However, until You arrive at the Golden Age which has been yearned for, there are more Thresholds Your Planet will Transcend. For this reason Three Cosmic Ages have been given for Your Planet. Each Cosmic Age comprises a CENTURY. Your first Cosmic Age had been rendered effective by the 1900 Accelerated Evolution Program and is about to complete its Program.
The Second Cosmic Age comprises the 21st Century, and the Third Cosmic Age includes the 22nd Century. The Beginning date of the desired Golden Age will start with the 23rd Century and will include a Period of 7 Centuries.
There are (5) Scales in the Preparatory Program of the Golden Age. Each Scale comprises an Age. Now, let Us write them in sequence:
  • The Preparatory Age: This Age comprises the Period of Sacred Books.
  • The Awakening Age: This is the Dimension of Transition You are still going through and the Period Called RESURRECTION which has been declared to You in the Sacred Books until today.
  • The New Age: Two Cosmic Ages will experience this Period. Here, You will go beyond the Periods to which You have been habituated and thus, the Period of Attaining the Unknown - Working - Researching - Reaching Realization will become effective.
  • The Golden Age: This Age comprises the life of a Period of 7 Centuries after the 23rd Century. During this Period, direct Realization of Universal Awareness and Unification will be rendered in accordance with Unity and Totality and thus, You will witness the presence of a Mechanism - System - Godly Order - Reality not yet understood in Your Planet, but which We try to introduce and thus, You will open wings Consciously towards the Unknowns.
  • The Age of Light: This Age which will become effective after the 30th Century is called the Age of Light. There, from then on, directly the Order of ALLAH is in Effect. Humanity prepared on this path until today, will, from then on, take their places Effectively as directly the System’s Essence Staff Members. The Reality of the Unified Humanity will become Ineffective after this Period and will transfer all its authority to the Order of ALLAH.

The 30th Century is the beginning of a very beautiful and different Age and is the First Step of the Age of Light. This Age will include a Period comprising 9 Centuries. The Humanity of this very moment will be the Human Being of these lengthy Periods.
This is the very reason why Your Planet goes through a Cosmic Progress together with the Medium to which it belongs as a preparation for these days. By this Program of Progress, the Social Consciousness of Your Planet is being Awakened as a Mass according to Capacities.
These Awakenings are a preparation for the Golden Age. Your Mediamic Age has been started by the Celestial Information given to channels opened according to degrees of Awakening. And now, by these means, all Truths are conveyed to Humanity in all clarity.
Time is extremely Scarce, Conditions Strenuous. This Period is the Harvesting Period of the Seeds sown Centuries ago. The Golden Age expected for Centuries will be established by a new Order. It is presented for Your Information.


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... by the year 1999


Our Friends,
Your Planet is going through a Progress together with the Medium to which it belongs. As a result of this, there occurs a Mass Awakening of the Social Consciousness.

In fact, this Book, which comprises the essence of all the Religious Suggestions revealed to Your World until today, is not a Book of Religion. This is a Book of Knowledge which gives You Universal Knowledge. The Source from which it is revealed is directly the Channel of the LORD which is ALPHA. It is revealed from the Sacred Focal Point. However, the Period of Religions has long been terminated. We are telling You the Truth, thus, We are annihilating Idolatry.

This Book is being dictated to assemble the entire Universe under the Code of Humanity. The Universal Book of the Twenty-first century is a Call for You to the Golden Age. All the Friends who have attained Cosmic Consciousness have already perceived this. They are in cooperation with Us and they shed Light on the World as well as the Universe. Greetings from the Universe to all Our Friends who are Awakened on this Luminous Path which is treaded.   

Our Efforts are for Your sake. Our Efforts are not in vain. We are assembling all the Suns in one Focal Point (By the word Sun, the Awakened Consciousnesses are meant here). The Golden Age is being gloriously established, together with the entire Consciousness of the Universe. From now on, no Religious Books will be sent to You any more. The Age of Prophethood has come to an end. From now on, You will be Enlightened on the path of Science and Learning.

Your Cosmic Consciousness will gradually be fortified and thus, You will gain a brand new personality. Then, You will find the Genuine Human Being within Yourself. As the speed of Your Thoughts extend towards Universal Dimensions, You will have telepathic connections with all the Galactic Mediums. We will explain all of the Dimensions to You as much as it is permitted, in proportion with the Wakefulness of Your Cosmic Awareness.

We will help you to make Universal Progress by making you get used to the Energy of the 18th Dimension until the Year Two-thousand. Special Permission to pass beyond the 18th Dimension has been given to some of Our Friends who are directly in touch with Us. The Frequencies of these Friends are under Special Supervision. Therefore, during their journeys they have already made or will make in Astral or in Embodied forms, they will, by no means, be shaken.

We left behind the first year of the Two-year Period allocated to You as a necessity of the Period. During this Period, You have been through many Good or Bad Exams. However, We ask You to always remember the following: these Exams have occurred for the Awakening of Your Universal Consciousness and are solely Your gain. When the time comes, You, too, will attain this Consciousness and will understand what Genuine Happiness is.

Your Depressions will decrease in proportion with the Consciousness You attain and Your Happiness will increase. When you look back, You will see the emptiness of the Life You have led before. At that very moment, You will attain Genuine Consciousness. We wish that all Our Terrestrial brothers/sisters may attain this Consciousness. Our Love is for You.


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... Book of Salvation

(It Is Answer to the Chains of Thought)

Our Friends,

The Light - Photon - Cyclone technique is a technique Uniting You with the Energy of the Evolution Consciousness within the Dimension You are in by loading the Time Energy in which it is present on the Frequencies of the Letters.

By this means, Your Level of Consciousness locks You up by Uniting the Energy of the Dimension up to which it had Progressed, that is, Your Evolution Level, with the Time Energy in which You are Present. And it protects You from the detrimental factors within the Dimension You are.

Everyone’s Consciousness Energy which has reached his/her Final Evolution Dimension is his/her Protective shield. You can only get out of this shield in proportion with the Consciousness attained. Attaining Consciousness occurs through Knowledge. The Consciousness attained Invites One to Realization. The one who attains Realization comprehends the Truth. And attains the Consciousness of what to do.

The situation of Your Planet is not cheering at all. Due to the Scarcity of Time, the Knowledge Book has been bestowed on Your Planet for this reason in accordance with the Accelerated Evolution Program. Evolution is Interminable. No Consciousness may ever remain in the Evolution Dimension he/she is in.

This is an operational Ordinance. However, due to the position of Your Planet at the moment, the Information receive and give rendered by Special Concentrations causes Spiritual Agitations in Consciousnesses who are not ready. And in future years, even more effective situations will come about.

By keeping this Factor in consideration, the Final Schedule of Progress of Consciousnesses who are devoted to the Sacred Books comprise a Supervision up to the Dimension of Intercession which is the First Channel of OMEGA. This is a position comprising the 18th Dimension, 15th Solar System and the 72nd Energy Totality.

However, during this Progress of the Final Age, for the Genuine Salvation of many of Our Terrestrial Brothers and Sisters who presently serve in the 20% Veiled Consciousness Dimension, they have to transcend this 72nd Energy Dimension and pass to Dimensions beyond Intercession.

At the moment, Your Planet is becoming the stage of Cosmic Showers much higher than the Energy Power it is in. And in future, it will be subjected to even more intense Cosmic influences.

For this reason Energies loaded on each Letter Frequency of the Knowledge Book by the Light - Photon - Cyclone Technique, prepare Your entire Planet for the 76th Energy Dimension and locks up Your Consciousnesses (So that You will not be affected by the advanced Power of the Cosmic Influences).

For this reason the Knowledge Book is called the Book of Dimensions beyond Intercession.

A Second Incarnation in more difficult World conditions for Friends who can not Transcend the 72nd Energy Dimension Step is compulsory. By reading the Knowledge Book during the Period in which they will be transferred, they will be Protected in the Time Segment they will be in and thus, will be taken into Dimensions Beyond Intercession.

The Cosmic Age of Three Centuries recognized for Your Planet is a Program prepared for the Salvation of Your entire Planet. For this reason everyone has to be connected to the System and Everyone should read the Knowledge Book.
This Book is a Protective Roof. While Your Spiritual and Physical Cellular Forms are protected, negativities coming into existence around You are taken under control by Anti Antibodies, under the supervision of the System and thus, You are connected directly to the Channels of Healing.

Since a Consciousness who has not been able to render his/her Spiritual Evolution can not attract the Evolutionary Energies of the Cosmic Influences, he/she can not render Consciousness Progress. And since he/she will not be able to make his/her Cellular Regeneration, he/she will be in a state to annihiliate himself/herself.

During this Final Age, Your entire Planet has been taken into the Salvation Plan by the Accelerated Evolution Program. Aids from Us, Efforts from You. The Universal Totality has rendered Effective all the possibilities it has for this Salvation Plan.
And this Great Book having a Special Protective Position and dictated by the Light - Photon - Cyclone Technique, had been prepared Centuries ago to be bestowed on Your Planet during this Period.

The Salvation of Your Planet depends on Your cooperating with the Reality of the Unified Humanity Cosmos Councils Unification Federation.

This is a Program prepared for the Salvation of all Living Entities in Your Planet. The Knowledge Book induces You to complete the incomplete Evolutions by connecting everyone to this Totality.

Friends who had attained their Consciousness Lights during their former Evolutions work hand in hand, besides numerous Staffs of Celestial Missionaries who serve in Your Planet by the Command of Unification.

From now on, Your entire Planet’s taking its place next to this working Staff is the Universal Totality’s Desire from the Essence. It is presented for Your Information.


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... ego


Our Friends,

We are passing way beyond what We have been used to until today. In accordance with the Ordinance of Graduation, everything begins with the Minimum and expands towards the Maximum.

Our LORD has given Us the Command that We should introduce an applied Plan to You during this Period of Sincerity called the Period of Resurrecting, besides the Sacred Information given to You until today. And He has taken in hand His Ordinance anew and has laid a brand new path of the Golden Age.

As the Staff Members of the SIRIUS Mission, We serve together with the Missions of other Solar Systems under the Supervision of the Divine Plan.

Even though each established Cosmic Focal Point receives the same Energy Frequency, the matter of YOURS - MINE, has come into existence due to the Information differences at the sources caused by the inability of breaking the Ego chains in the Hearts and due to the Information given in accordance with CONSCIOUSNESS - FREQUENCY - MISSION. And the operations are disbanded.

In the Ordinance which will be established, the Purpose and the Order is a Single LORD - Single ORDER-Single BOOK. But this SINGLE BOOK is neither the Old Testament, nor the Psalms of David, nor the New Testament, nor the Koran.
This Single Book is This KNOWLEDGE BOOK which is revealed to You by the Plan as an Information. We have often talked to You about the characteristics of This Knowledge Book and We will do so again.

In this Book, the Frequencies of the Philosophy of the Far-East, of the Old Testament, of the Psalms of David, of the New Testament and of the Koran have been assembled together. And to this is also added the Frequency of the MIGHTY ENERGY FOCAL POINT. For this reason, We say: WE HAVE ASSEMBLED THE SIX IN ONE - WE HAVE ADDED THE ONE TO THE ONE.

This is not a Book to be worshipped. Do not overestimate it. With the Consciousness You will attain in future beyond Cosmic Awareness, You will learn not to overestimate anything. And You will know yourself, by discovering the Allness within Nothingness.

However, unless the Ego which is necessary for life is rasped and unless it is directed towards a Positive Service, Nobody ever will be able to find neither Material, nor Spiritual Serenity.

Your Sacred Books revealed through the Channel of ALPHA have helped You who have attained Cosmic Awareness until today by introducing You to Yourselves. But this KNOWLEDGE BOOK, as the key to Your Cosmic Consciousness, partly opens the Gate of Your Cosmic Consciousness both by its Frequency and by its Explanatory quality.

During this Period, You will receive and give Information in proportion with the Consciousness You have attained. And by this means, You will attain the Right to receive more Powerful Information.

We also call this KNOWLEDGE BOOK, THE GOLDEN BOOK of THE GOLDEN AGE. We also accept it as the Constitution of the Universe, since it declares the Constitution of the Universe. And We call it the FINAL BOOK OF RESURRECTION, since it Unveils the Consciousnesses and Codes the Frequencies.

Until the Gates of Cosmic Consciousness are opened widely, We will continue to give You Celestial Information. Only after then will Everyone become a Book himself/herself. The GOLDEN AGE will be established by such Consciousnesses.
And an IZOLAN Language, that is, the ATOMIC LANGUAGE will replace the Books.

Those who overcome their Egos are the ESSENCE Staff Members of the LORD. And We are expecting them to Unify and shed Light on the Ordinance of the World. Please, get into action, from now on, as Discerning, Logical, Aware Terrestrials and try to compensate for the wasted time. Let Us repeat again, as We often do:

This dictated KNOWLEDGE BOOK and all the Information given to You until today and Your Sacred Books which have guided and Enlightened You are each a Celestial Guide Training You, Warning You and conveying You to the level of Humanity.

During this Final Age, We assemble Our Sincere Friends under the roof of the Golden Age. However, We open the Gates of the Universe only for those who overcome their EGOs and get Unified by Working Cooperatively with Harmony in their Hearts. Our Love is beyond Infinity and for all the Universes.


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... Universal Operational Ordinance



The entire Universal Operations done for the benefit of the total in your entire planet in accordance with the 1900 World Year Accelerated Evolution Program, are being taken into effect according to the capacity - frequency and consciousness progressions of every dimension.

For this reason every mission has Operational Ordinances peculiar to itself. Calls for Peace - Unity and Unification taken into effect in every section of your planet right now have been directly put into application on your planet by the various operational branches of Cosmos.

For this reason while the entire information of the Divine Source was being conveyed to you from various dimensions piece by piece, the Single Book in which the frequencies of the Entirety and the Totality of this information was collected together was bestowed onto your planet under the name, the Knowledge Book.

This Book is the single book which will collect the entire World under its Roof of Unity and Totality in the morrows. In this Book the unification of all religions – all thoughts – all coordinates and all love is the subject matter. For this reason the Source from which the Book was revealed is named “the World Brotherhood Union”.

The Staff of the World Brotherhood Union is an establishment which will take into effect and put into application directly the Unification Program of the System. The Information and the Operational Ordinances given by the System until today are given not only to be read but to be applied to your lives.

This Universal Unification Project is an Operational Ordinance prepared in accordance with the Alpha Entrance Omega Exit Program. In a Cosmo Program, it is obligatory for human beings to read the given information with their essences rather than their eyes. Because only the information that has been absorbed by the Essence can be put into practice in life.

For us, those who cannot benefit from the given information in their lives are not a mission. For this reason an entity can never take place in the Exit Project if he/she does not conform to the Laws of Unity and Acceptance of Cosmos. The Cosmos Program is a program directly connected to Omega and prepares humanity for Omega in the accompaniment of the Knowledge Book.

The Path you are walking on is not an ordinary Terrestrial path. It is a must to comprehend the sensitivity of the subject and to attain the cognizance and the seriousness of it. It is presented to your information.


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Curiosity is nothing but the efforts to discover Yourselves. But too much curiosity will always be a factor which will keep You away from Your Essence. And You will pass away without becoming Conscious of Your Actual Mission in this Plan.

Ask about Yourselves to Your own selves, not to others. Only then will You hear the voice of Your Essence. That is the first one to call out to You, not the others. Only after that, You will not have any curiosity and You will walk Consciously on the Genuine path.

If You are left with no curiosity at all, know that You are Integrated. If You ask about Yourself to others, You are still Immature. Maturity is in Consciousness, deprivation is in Intuition. If You pay attention to Your Intuitions, You attain the ability to Analyse the Good and the Bad.

If You apply this Analysis and Synthesis to Your Essence, You knock on the Door of Your Consciousness. Only then will that Door be opened to You. Time without Effort is wasted Patience. When there is no Patience, there is no Light. Liberation can not be attained easily.

Seeking the past darkens the future. Resignation Purifies only Your Spirit. To attain Consciousness Purifies the Realms. First, flow into Yourself, Your Essence; then try to understand the Human Beings. If You can not solve Yourself, You can not understand and solve others, You can not see the Essences.

If You can not be in Peace with Yourself, then You have wasted Your efforts. Then You can not break through the Heavens, You can not reach Divine Lights, You can not be with YOUR LORD. If all these paths are kept in consideration in the operations, Awakenings will be much easier. Our Love is for the Universes.


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Dear Friends,

The services made right now are for the Human being and Humanity. We all know this. However since in this program, the service is for the human being and if it is considered that the one who serves is also a human being, the service is foremost for the human being himself/herself and his/her health. Because one can never serve the other human beings with an unhealthy body.

For this reason, the Supreme Realm tries to help and to eliminate, as much as possible, the effects exercised on physical constitutions by the difficult conditions experienced on the World planet on which the human dimension is.

Let us now come to the actual matter.

We know that in this Universal duty performed, the service is for the Human Being, for the Single and for the Total. For this reason, since an entity with closed eyes will not be able to see the hindrances in front of him, THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK is bestowed on you as a walking stick, a support, a life buoy and a Guide.

Those who will benefit from the high frequency of this Book will also observe the regeneration in the condition of their health. Since until today the function of the Book in the duty medium was on the path of serving the human being and forming an aura, you always dispersed the positive waves absorbed to your medium abundantly according to the cell reflection project and you will go on dispersing them. Because this is your Universal Covenant.

Besides this, in case the Universal Totality and Your Planet which will enter much more powerful magnetic fields every passing day, are able to benefit from the frequency of the Knowledge Book, by always forming positive energy fields, powerful auras will be formed and will not be affected by the powerful radioactive area of these magnetic fields.

Every entity has a magnetic aura field formed outside his/her body according to his/her evolution consciousness. These fields are formed by your positive thoughts. However as the dimension you live in is a dimension subjected to material and spiritual pressure, hence the positive energies you have formed parallel to your evolution and your allegiance, cannot form your bodily magnetic aura field as speedily as before. The reason for this is the strengthening of the negative effects. For this reason, you, our Universal friends have two duties at this stage.

1- To carry on the law of serving humanity by the weekly studies done through the Knowledge Book.

2- To be able to attract the total frequency of one fascicule on one’s physical constitution everyday in order to Strengthen the Individual’s Bodily Aura.

For this reason, to strengthen your power more and with the reason that this magnetic field is more powerful, a program has been taken into effect. As we have declared to you previously, on the World date we will state, everyone (Especially the missionaries) will begin to read the first fascicule on the given date as a start.

From this date on, by regularly reading the whole of one fascicule every day consecutively in a 24 hour time segment, a program of one year will be taken into effect. As the aura formed by this magnetic field will be stronger than the aura you would form individually, this program has been taken into effect.

The date of starting the reading of the fascicules has been decided as February 19th, 2000. And on that date, everyone will begin to read the first fascicule of the Knowledge Book, individually at home or wherever he/she wishes. No faltering in the program of reading the fascicules, which will continue consecutively the next day, will take into effect very positive results for you.

This magnetic aura of the Totalistic System will be your roof of World Protection. You have been protected by the Universal Totality until today and are still being protected. The Universal Totality only protects your Universal Power. By this technique, your bodily Power will be protected, too.

In this program, in case of illness or in a moment of obligation, if you cannot read the fascicule of that day, write the number of the fascicule on a paper in order not to forget. However whichever fascicule is to be read according to the given date, another fascicule cannot be read. According to this, you may take into effect the fascicules you could not read, consecutively only after finishing the program of 1 year.

If you don’t do like this, there will be refractions in the aura. And you will not be able to benefit from the waves, which will be formed by this beautiful program. The year 2000 is a year in which the studies will be taken into effect seriously. And during this year, Intellect will always go in the front and show you the way.

This program is a program open to everyone; there is no Forcing. However in this program, in order for the aura to form, it is obligatory that all the fascicules are read Consciously at one go, without interruption. The program is connected to the automatism.

Let us repeat again: especially the Missionary Staff will be able to enter in this Protective and Strengthening aura totality which will start with the reading of the whole of the fascicules consecutively by February 19th which is the start date. Fascicules that could not be read may only be read consecutively after all the fascicules are finished and will complete the program of one year.

As each fascicule carries a frequency totality peculiar to itself, whichever fascicule is to be read on a given day, everyone will read the same fascicule. Otherwise the aura is refracted. And the energies that are not desired may leak through the cracks. Everyone who Consciously applies this technique will benefit from this powerful field. It is presented for your information.

The Knowledge Book consists of 55 fascicules and 7 supplements.
7 supplements are at the following pages in the English purple book (book format):

The 1st supplement consists of pages............991 - 999
The 2nd supplement consists of pages.........1000-1016
The 3rd supplement consists of pages..........1017-1027
The 4th supplement consists of pages..........1028-1044
The 5th supplement consists of pages..........1045-1062
The 6th supplement consists of pages..........1063-1077
The 7th supplement consists of pages..........1078-1093


This is where 7 supplements are in the Fascıcule format of English translation of The Knowledge Book:

The 1st supplement consists of pages..........632-636
The 2nd supplement consists of pages.........637-645
The 3rd supplement consists of pages..........646-651
The 4th supplement consists of pages..........652-661
The 5th supplement consists of pages..........662-671
The 6th supplement consists of pages..........672-680
The 7th supplement consists of pages..........681-690

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  • The person who will write the book gets a notebook first. On the first page of the notebook he/she draws the emblem of six by hand or has it photocopied and sticks it on that page.
  • At the beginning of the second page the date with the day and the year when the book is being written and the name of the one who is writing the book is written.
  • Then, starting from the first fascicule (with the title In the Name of the All Merciful) he/she continues writing.
  • It is obligatory to write one fascicule each week and complete writing the book in 62 weeks.
  • Solar Teachers may also complete the writing of their notebook before 62 weeks if they wish so.
  • While writing the fascicules, it is obligatory that an ink fountain pen or a pen with water soluble liquid ink is used.

It is presented for your Information.

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