November 2016- "Call to World Peace from the Universal Brotherhood"



Dear Friends,
The tentative dates for the November event are as follows:
29 October 2016 - Opera Concert
31 October 2016 - Conference with Bülent Çorak
1 November 2016 - November 1 Panel and Award Ceremony


February 2016 - "Universal New Year"


 Dear Friends,
The schedule of the next gathering in Istanbul is:
17 February 2016 - Conference with Bülent Çorak
18 February 2016 - Universal New Year Party

You can download event details  here 



The fee that covers both events is 150 euros.
Cost for the organised bus transport from the hotel to the venues is 20 euros for each of the gatherings.
If you want us to book the accommodation with a discount, please let us know.
Hotels are situated in the ancient part of Istanbul within walking distance of the Grand Bazaar, Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, etc.:
Hotel PISA:
Hotel Eyfel:

**For your information, there is now a new regulation on acquiring Turkey's visa: It needs to be obtained on line, prior to booking at the UK airport.**